no way coverNo Way’s new EP, “Sing Praises”, is a charred, greasy slice of sludgy noise rock done right.  It’s distinctly dark, but favors the macabre over the bleak, and aggression over despair.  It’s got a horse’s face on the front, and you’re a horse’s ass if you don’t love it.

The album’s first two songs are sure to bring to mind fond remembrances of some heavy hitters who I’ve no doubt are among this band’s influences; they’re scathing and angular like Unsane, but as devilishly snarky as the Jesus Lizard.  “The Cutting” opens things up with a tough-as-nails, 2-note riff that makes up with rhythmic complexity and brute force what it lacks in tonal variety.  About halfway in, it gives way to this great, frantic buildup, drops down to a sinister guitar break, and finally launches into an awesome, hardcore-heyday breakdown with the best use of feedback I’ve heard all year.  Really great stuff.  That same feedback permeates much of “Shake the Meat” as well, but it’s only one of many instances in which insane guitar tone pierces to the forefront of what is, in actuality, refreshingly simple instrumentation.

“War Dance” reminds me of my favorite Melvins album, but I’d cherish it even if it didn’t.  Guitars, guitars, guitars.  And the whole thing ends with the big, epic plodder “Pasture/Abuela”.  I love it when bands do that.  It’s like, you know, “When the Levee Breaks”.  A lot of bands would’ve made the mistake of ending that album with “Stairway” and ruined everything.  But not Jimmy Page, the fucking genius.

Anyway, this album kicks more ass than all 7 of Kurosawa’s samurai.  Or all 13 of Miike’s.  I’ve been watching a lot of samurai movies lately.  Oh and guess what, No Way is playing the goddam SLUDGEFEAST at the Paper Box on November 15.  Missing that would also qualify you as a horse’s ass.  So, don’t.

Get the album here.  Best 5 bucks you’ll spend this week.

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