The Sardonians have returned to claim the pyramids.

That’s right, New Haven-based misanthropic noise purveyors Grizzlor are back to do it to your earholes, with a new track appropriately titled “It’s All Bullshit”.  Because it is, right?

Anyway, “It’s All Bullshit” is actually the first little piece of goodness to drop down from their upcoming state-of-being-in-cahoots with Norwegian noise punk duo Barren Womb, which cooperative will consist of both a 7″ split, coming March 17 via Riotous Outburst Records, as well as a a 14-date tour of the East Coast around the end of March/beginning of April (full tour poster below).

If you’re looking to kick off your week with a healthy dose of chaos, you’re in the right place.  “It’s All Bullshit” begins with a frantic storm of chromatic ridiculousness, but in less than a minute we’ve come screeching to a halt and a much sparser take on the song’s central riff takes the forefront, switching temporal gears with all the abrupt force of a shadow kick to the abdomen.  Then things get really weird, and then things come back around, and then before we know it three minutes have gone by and you can barely remember what your parents look like.  Check this sucker out:

2014 was a big year for Grizzlor, but the way things are shaping up, it looks like 2015 could be even bigger.  Pre-order the split here, and avoid being “World’s Biggest Idiot” by going to see Grizzlor and Barren Womb when they come to YOUR TOWN!

grizzlor barren womb tour poster

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