Heavy metal.  Motorcycles.  Skateboarding.  Food.  Beer.  All great things, and all the more great when they serve to herald the welcome end of my least favorite season:  miserable, oppressive, stench-ridden summer.

Thus I applaud the arrival of Brooklyn’s first ever (hopefully, first annual) Uninvited Festival, which promises to be an unprecedented amalgamation of all these wonderful things and more, hosted in an empty parking lot next to self-proclaimed “artistic epicenter” The Nihil Gallery.  The expected result sounds truly incredible: 4 days of music, art, and much much more that will strive to close out this and each subsequent summer in a fiery gala of badassery.

The lineup, to begin with, is AWESOME, with 29 bands representing the best in stoner, doom, and sludge metal.  Headlining each night, respectively, are Mothership, The Skull, Orchid, and Weedeater, while dispersed throughout are plenty of other great bands including SubRosa, Bloody Hammers, and personal favorites Elder, who I’ll be catching up with for an interview (stay posted!).

In the adjacent gallery, artworks will be on continuous display from renowned artists including David Paul Seymour, Ben Venom, John Dyer Baizley, Lee Trice, Norman Reedus, Wolftits, and Cicero deGuzman.  All in all, the festival promises to be “a legendary street-based event,” and the event’s creator, Eric Chavez, invites – err, uninvites – guests to “come and actually stay on-site for a few days and be truly immersed in the madness”.

For additional information, or to purchase tickets, please visit: http://www.uninvitednihilgallery.com.

The full lineup and official festival flyer can be found below.



Full lineup:

September 18
Mount Salem
Call of the Wind

September 19
The Skull
Bloody Hammers
Black Cobra
Dirty Streets
Goat Wizard

September 20
The Shrine
Electric Citizen
Lecherous Gaze
Order of the Owl
Ruby the Hatchet

September 21
Marching Teeth
Cosmic Shakedown
Secret Cutter
Fog Cult

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