Last Friday was one of the best shows I’ve seen in Brooklyn, period.  Tiger Flowers, Family, Lazer/Wulf, Full of Hell, Weedeater, all conjuring evil at Brooklyn’s own house of hell, Saint Vitus Bar.  Holy crap; if you missed that one you’re a damn dunce.

Performances aside, however, one of the real highlights for me was getting a chance to step outside with Bryan Aiken of Lazer/Wulf for a quick interview.  I’ve been following these guys hard since reviewing their amazing full-length debut, The Beast of Left and Right, had the privilege of meeting them at the Metal Injection/Metal Sucks CMJ showcase at The Acheron a few weeks ago, and was glad to finally have a real chance to pick their brains (or at least one of them).  We talked tour, we talked Retro Futurist (Lazer/Wulf’s Kylesa-run record label), and we talked video games.  We talked sobriety, which is ironic since it will be easily deduced that I and Some Pig cohort Nick Teodosio were far from exemplifying it.  So, apologies for the drunkenness, apologies for the wind factor, and well, just apologies all around.

Many thanks to Bryan for giving us a bit of his time and insight, and for carrying the interview through all those times that Nick and I were too giggly to keep it together.

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